Cable Knit Mini Leg Warmer | Knit with Me


Hey ya'll! Here is my tutorial on how to make a cable knit mini leg warmer :). The pattern is below, and it goes along with my youtube video.

What I Used

I used ~1/3 a skein of size 6 yarn (Bernat Softee Chunky) with size 13 needles and a size 6 crochet hook. It is also helpful to have a yarn needle and cable knit needles.


k = knit

p = purl

k3 would be read as knit 3

The Pattern

cast on 33

row 1: k1 p3 k4 p3 k4 p3 k4 p3 k4 p3 k1

row 2: p1 k3 p4 k3 p4 k3 p4 k3 p4 k3 p1

row 3: same as row 1

row 4: same as row 2

row 5: same pattern as row 1, but for all the k4, take two stitches off your left needle k2 and then place them back on your left needle and k2

row 6: same as row 2

repeat row 1 to 6 3 times (total of 18 rows)

cast off using row 1's pattern

fold nice sides together and close the edge

turn back right side out and you are done!